Excel Building Inspection and Consulting

Commercial Building Inspections

We provide Property Condition Assessments of apartments, residential (multi-family), retail, office, industrial and condominium complexes.

Commercial Pre-Purchase Inspections

Reasons for Property Condition Assessments include:

Acquiring property involves uncertainties which can be stressful. As part of the process, a condition assessment of the property removes some of the unknown factors which greatly increases the chances of a successful purchase. The Property Condition Assessment will go a long way in determining the financial impact the property will have in the foreseeable future.

Property Condition Assessments

Our Property Condition Assessments comply favorably with the American Society for Testing and Material Standards (ASTM) and our goal is to identify and communicate deficiencies to our clients, with time frames and ballpark cost estimates of expected repairs. We provide accurate, easy to understand reports that are designed to educate our clients about the property inspected. The ASTM standards for baseline property assessments can be reviewed at www.astm.org.