Infrared Thermal Imaging


Infrared technology is a relatively new comer to the home inspectors tool chest and are often misrepresented wittingly or unwittingly by home inspectors causing unrealistic expectations from clients concerning the real capabilities of infrared technology.

Here are some IR facts:

In order for infrared cameras to provide any useful information they require a very controlled set of conditions and operating environment, which is almost never available in the summer months during the course of a home inspection.

In the real world conditions are not as ideal as on Mike Holmes staged reality shows.

It should also be noted that most home inspection companies use cameras with a very narrow scope of field. For a home inspector to scan an entire house and interpret the pictures with such equipment is virtually impossible.

A standard pre-purchase home inspection in conformance with the Standard of Practice is a non-invasive visual inspection of the homes major systems. Therefore, the use of an IR camera is outside the scope of such an inspection. While EXCEL Inspections owns and uses an IR camera from time to time when it proves to be practical, we strongly encourage anyone desiring a whole house scan to hire a full time professional contractor.

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