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Specialized Services

At EXCEL, we have the experience and expertise necessary to provide the broadest range of services in the building inspection industry. We provide the following services for homeowners, property management companies, condominium corporations , finance companies and commercial building owners.

Mould Surveys

High humidity and condensation in buildings, due to improper ventilation, is a common cause of indoor mould growth on walls, windows and ceilings. Plumbing leaks, and exterior leaks through walls, roofing etc., are responsible for most mould problems concealed in walls, attics and basements.

Surface Mould:

Surface mould in small amounts can easily be cleaned up with white vinegar and water. However, it should be noted that the mould will return if the condensation or wetting is not eliminated, and in many cases, condensation is almost impossible to eliminate completely. In general, mould and mildew are different names for the same thing. Mould that grows undetected inside of walls, crawl spaces, under floor coverings (especially in basements) can be particularly troubling because it can cause a great deal of damage to building materials, and most importantly, can affect the health of the building occupants. Some of the by-products of mould are potentially toxic substances which cause allergic reactions if touched or inhaled and can be severe to some people.

At EXCEL, we provide recommendations for the elimination of conditions leading to mould or bacterial problems upon completion of a site inspection.